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  1. rickyslover
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  2. Pleurothallidan
    Obsessing over orchids
  3. fishsqueezer
    ...currently trying not to overwater everything in the winter.
  4. Rep Move
    Rep Move
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  5. ZeroGPT..
    Content Ai Detector | Zerogpt.com
  6. The tomato
    The tomato Marni
    Hi Marni, do you know if "Maxillaria turkeliae" is named after you? IOSPE says its named after an orchid enthusiast in california, sounds like you. :)
    1. Marni
      Yes, Eric Christenson named this and several other species after me.
      Sep 30, 2023
  7. Lepancaritensis
    Cancer Researcher here, adore growing miniature orchids. I grow them in a tent under artificial light
  8. MoonjaTao
  9. Bernard McDonald
    Bernard McDonald ZWUM
    Hi Zwum,
    It's a while since I last used the facillities on this site, I am at a loss to know how to proceed with a new post.
    Bernard McDonald ( ex Seidenfaden)
    Hope that you can help.
  10. evepucyh
  11. keeperkoi
    Will post a picture when able to(not tech savvy)
  12. keeperkoi
    New member. Hobby orchid keeper acquired a wild collected Dendrobium species unknown. No flowers but new growth and pods from last season
  13. ytuly1989
  14. Bernard McDonald
    Bernard McDonald JustinLee93
    Looks like you have found your ornatissimum.
    Good luck. Bernard
  15. Lil Duck
    Lil Duck
    Quack Quack
  16. Jacques
    Jacques Alfonso Doucette
    Hi there! My name is Jacques I am new to the forum. Hoping to become active soon and engage with you all.

    Please can you tell me what the plant is in your profile picture? Its beautiful.
    1. Alfonso Doucette
      Alfonso Doucette
      Hello! Absolutely!! It is called Masdevallia rubeola. It's from Peru! :)
      Jan 28, 2023
    2. Jacques
      Thanks for responding! I see your IG account has become inactive. You have a beautiful collection though. Take care.
      Feb 7, 2023
      Alfonso Doucette likes this.
    3. Alfonso Doucette
      Alfonso Doucette
      Thanks! Yes, no longer active on IG. It was nice to get a lot of attention for the posts but it ended up feeling like more work than I wanted for something I'm just doing for fun. Looking forward to seeing your posts in the forum!! Especially if you have any masdevallias! :)
      Feb 11, 2023
  17. Pink Paradise Flower
    Pink Paradise Flower
    I love colorful, exotic tropical flowers and the unique plants they belong to. I am interested in preserving their best health!
  18. Mike fong
    Mike fong tenman
    Hi do you still have cattleya sincorona divisions for sale
  19. wangqu
  20. Alfonso Doucette
    Alfonso Doucette
    Looking for muscarellas! Let me know if you have any for sale/trade. I currently have: megalops, gongylodes, werneri, tsubotae, zephyrina!