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A few more shots

Discussion in 'Growing Areas' started by blestbeing, Feb 25, 2016.

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    Arizona, USA
    uploadfromtaptalk1456408649215.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1456408690579.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1456408742905.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1456408771957.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1456409111671.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1456409433348.jpg
    In case anyone is wondering what the black and white thing is with the blue CPU fan, it's a humidifier. The black thing is part of a CD holder with wire frames wrapped in gauze that I had leftover from my hand surgeries in place of the CDs and the white thing is the bottom of a Styrofoam six pack cooler that holds a quart of water. Essentially it's a small swamp cooler. I have two of them installed and it keeps the RH at about 75 constant. It's ugly but they work well