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Art's Orchids

Discussion in 'Orchid Vendor FYI' started by bookmdano, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. bookmdano

    bookmdano New Member

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    Is anyone having trouble with Art's Orchids in Malaysia. The owner is Matthew Crowle and I had ordered some things in early 2012 and everything went pretty well. It was a small order to test quality of the dealer's plants and I had sent a larger order that fall. Everything seemed to be going well but Mr. Crowle contacted me just before the plants were to be shipped and said there was a problem. His plants had been "left out in the rain" and needed to be replaced. It took him too long to find replacements for the plants that fall and the order had to be moved back to this spring because of the winter cold. He said he was ready to ship again this spring but then said he was having problems with other shipments with a new courier that Malaysia post had contracted with. He finally offered to refund the order after sending an EMS tracking number that did not show up as valid. I accepted his offer but have not heard from him again for about a month. Now I am beginning to think he has stiffed me for the order. Anyone else had trouble with Art's Orchids?
  2. ZWUM

    ZWUM Bulbophiliac Staff Member

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    Exeter, PA
    Never heard of them. I hope your able to resolve the issue. Good luck!
  3. juanriog

    juanriog Barcelona, Spain. Inter GH.

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    Barcelona, Spain
    I have the same problem these days.
    I made a small purchase and it was fyne, then a larger size purchase, which never came. Oddly he do not want paypal transfer just bank transfer.
    These have a meaning right know.
    also refused to use a courier service with track number.
    Also I understand better now.

    Looks like it's just a poor man with financial needs and is dedicated to scam people.

    I hope this warning stop him.