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Bratonias Shelob 'Tolkien' AM/AOS aka Miltassia Shelob 'Tolkien' AM/AOS

Discussion in 'Orchid Hybrids' started by Plantman, Feb 16, 2015.

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    Bratonias Shelob 'Tolkien' AM/AOS but once known as Miltassia Shelob 'Tolkien' AM/AOS has been reclassified as Bratonias Shelob 'Tolkien' AM/AOS

    This one is a really nice mericlone of an exceptional plant of an AM of 80 points with only eleven flowers in 1998. The cross was breed using Mtssa Olmec x Brs Edvah Loo. Miltassias are now Bratonias. Bratonia is an artificial hybrid of orchids between the following genera: (Brassia × Miltonia)

    [​IMG] Miltassia Shelob Tolkien  (1).jpg Miltassia Shelob Tolkien  (3).jpg
    Miltassia Shelob Tolkien  (2).jpg

    It will produce flowers that will just amaze you. They are large, spidery and gorgeous, approximately four to six inches from top to bottom. The color is mahogany and pink, with interesting olive green bands. The lip has beautiful pink tones and dots. Mature plants can have multiple spikes, with 6 to 8 flowers or more on each spike and can produce multiple spikes from the same pseudoblub. The plant stays in flower for almost 2 months and often has multiple spikes developing so the flowering period can be months! Flowers at least 4 times a year for me, it always seems to be in flower!

    This Orchid always gets oohs and ahs at our shows, and it makes a nice addition to any orchid collection.

    Very easy to grow. This cross is very floriferous with 5-10 large 4-6 inch flowers on a long arching spray that may but not often branches as it gets older and makes a beautiful display. Flowers are Mahogany, Pink, Red, and White in various combinations depending on the Clone. Many awarded clones are available.

    Likes a moisture retentive mix but do not keep sopping wet but never let it get bone dry. Likes humidity and bright light. Usually flowers multiple times a year or more. Temperature tolerant can grow cool to warm.

    This plant always makes a nice addition to any orchid collection. It's easy to grow and makes a great starter plant for beginners. Mature plants can have 12-16 inch spikes, covered with flowers. The plants stand 14 to 18 inches high.

    Medium light and water are best, fertilize weakly at least twice a month when actively growing. Water when almost dry, but don't allow to dry out completely. They enjoy moist air, requiring a minimum of 40-50% humidity in the immediate vicinity of the plant. Humidity should be increased with higher temperatures. The ideal humidity is between 55% and 75%, with as much ventilation or air movement as possible.

    Although they can be grown with cooler temperatures they do not need to be grown cool to flower and do very well in my yard at sea level with a 67F (21C) degrees as a winter low and enjoy moist air.

    Oncidium types need to be repotted at least every year to 18-24 months. As a general rule, repot them when the new shoot is two to three inches tall or when new roots appear. All the old mix should be removed from the roots and any dead roots should be removed. If dividing, keep the divisions in clumps of three to five mature bulbs. Medium to fine fir bark is ok but I NEVER use just bark, prefer mixing charcoal and tree fern and extra coarse pearlite as a better preferred mix. The base of the new growth should be potted at ½” (no deeper) into the fresh mix. Keep mix barely damp until you see the new roots penetrating the mix, and then resume normal watering.

    Most Oncidiums and their hybrids are intermediate in their temperature preferences. Ideal temperatures for these would be 75-85 degree highs (day) and 55 –65 degree lows (night) but most grow and bloom well in homes with 70-85 degree highs (day) and 55-75 degree lows (night).
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    Great pics and info!
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    image.jpg Hi Plantman,
    Thank you very much for this info. I just got this orchid as a present and couldn't find any info on it. It didn't help that the tag was awfully vague "exotic plant" .
    I know this post is old but I am going to send some questions anyways:
    Does this type of orchid have aerial roots?
    I think mine had some roots cut and I don't understand why would anyone cut roots of an orchid.
    My last question has to do with the medium it is planted on. I am taking a picture and I will post it. Does it look like the right one?.