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Bulbophyllum arfakianum

Discussion in 'Culture sheets' started by Chris, Sep 21, 2009.

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    Bulbophyllum arfakianum
    Authored by: Chris​

    Description: First described in 1904 by F. W. L. Kraenzlin. in Indonesian New Guinea (Irian Jaya), found at low altitudes in both Papua New Guinea and Indonesian New Guinea.


    - Summer: 68-88
    - Winter: 60-80

    Light: High light

    Humidity: at least 80%

    Air circulation: Breeze

    Growing location: orchidarium

    Growing medium: Mount - Cork

    Growing medium notes: Bare cork

    - Frequency: Daily or more
    - Fertilizer & frequency: Daily MSU, 1/4 strength or less
    - Dry rest: No.

    Blooming season: Summer, Fall

    Flower size: 9.5 cm long, larger than plant growths

    Plant size: Small, bulbs + leaves are about 9 cm tall

    Other firsthand observations: Plant is very hardy, prolific root grower. Distinguished from B. fritillariflorum by lack of terminally fimbriate petals. (see photos)

    Other plants growing well nearby:
    Bulbophyllum maquilingense, Bulbophyllum antenniferum

    Orchidarium Jany Renz

    O'Byrne, P. 1994. Lowland orchids of Papua New Guinea. SNP Publishers Pte
    Ltd., Singapore.

    The information contained in this sheet is for personal use only. It is copyrighted by both the author and Orchids Interactive. It cannot be reproduced or distributed without the consent of both the author and Orchids Interactive.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.