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Bulbophyllum ovalifolium

Discussion in 'Culture sheets' started by Jon, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. Jon

    Jon Mmmm... bulbophyllum...

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    Denver CO, USA
    Bulbophyllum ovalifolium
    Authored by: Jon​

    Description: Foudn in Thailand to Peninsular Malaysia


    - Summer: 55-80f
    - Winter: 50-75f

    Light: Low light

    Humidity: 60-80%

    Air circulation: Slight breeze

    Growing location: Greenhouse

    Growing medium: Mount - Cork

    Growing medium notes: Attaches to cork, but then it grows off as if in search for another mount.

    - Frequency: Daily
    - Fertilizer & frequency: Daily with MSU at 1/4 recommended strength
    - Dry rest: No.

    Blooming season: Spring, Summer, Fall

    Flower size: Lateral sepals are approx 1cm long. Dorsal sepal is 3-4mm

    Plant size: Small plant. Pseudobulbs are the same shape as a sagging water balloon and are approx 1cm tall. Leaves are 1-2cm.

    Other firsthand observations: A creeping miniature that makes a great mat-forming species. A must for any bulbo collector.

    Other plants growing well nearby:
    Lepanthes calodictyon
    Mediocalcar decoratum
    Bulbophyllum catenulatum


    The information contained in this sheet is for personal use only. It is copyrighted by both the author and Orchids Interactive. It cannot be reproduced or distributed without the consent of both the author and Orchids Interactive.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.