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Bulbophyllum woelfliae

Discussion in 'Culture sheets' started by Jon, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. Jon

    Jon Mmmm... bulbophyllum...

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    Denver CO, USA
    Bulbophyllum woelfliae
    Authored by: Jon​

    Description: This plant was described in 1996 by Garay, Senghas and Lemcke. It's endemic to the Phillipines. While quite uncommon in the US, it's becoming more widely available as more people cultivate and divide it.


    - Summer: 60-90f
    - Winter: 50-80f

    Light: Medium light

    Humidity: 60-80%

    Air circulation: Slight breeze

    Growing location: Greenhouse

    Growing medium: Mount - Tree fern

    Growing medium notes: Seems to LOVE tree fern

    - Frequency: Daily
    - Fertilizer & frequency: Daily with MSU at 1/4 recommended strength
    - Dry rest: No.

    Blooming season: Summer, Fall

    Flower size: Sepals were 55mm long on the first blooming on a wirey, 3-inch spike. Most recent blooming had 30mm sepals.

    Plant size: Pseudobulbs are ~1-1.5cm tall, and 1cm in diameter. Leaves are about 2.5cm long and 1cm wide. There is a purpleish hue on the sunward side.

    Other firsthand observations: A relatively easy grower. Once established, the plant grows rather quickly.

    Other plants growing well nearby:
    Bulbophyllum digoelense
    Bulbophyllum macrochilum
    Bulbophyllum dennisii
    Bublophyllum lumbriciforme
    Dendrobium prenticei
    Phalaenopsis lowii

    The Royal Botanic Gardens

    The information contained in this sheet is for personal use only. It is copyrighted by both the author and Orchids Interactive. It cannot be reproduced or distributed without the consent of both the author and Orchids Interactive.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.