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Catts from Andy Easton

Discussion in 'For Trade/Sale' started by Ray, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. Ray

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    Oak Island NC
    Andy sent me several boxes of interesting cattleya hybrids (list below, with comments as he sent it to me). There are so many that I cannot house them all without a great deal of "realignment" in the greenhouse, so I am trying to move them out quickly.

    They are from 3" pots, but most are badly in need of going into 4", some into 5" pots. The photo below of a typical tray has a 5" label for size reference.


    They are $15 each, but if you buy 5 they will be reduced to $12.50, and 10 or more will be $10 each.

    Order via our ONLINE STORE.

    The list:

    1220 Lc LUMINOSA (C. dowiana aurea ‘Carlos Arango’ X L. tenebrosa ‘Bill Peters’) Should be tremendous quality in this 109 year-old primary.

    1223 Oryzalin C. Triumph #2 X C. warscewiczii alba var ‘New Horizon’ Just three fantastic species involved here and some tetraploids to really spice up the quality. Summer rose-purples, all carrying alba genes for Hurst’s ccRR group.

    1225 Bc Maikai ‘Lea’ 4n X C. Triumph #2 Clusters of medium-sized rose beauties, flowering twice a year.

    1226 Oryzalin C. BLANCHE (C. labiata ‘Queen Of Homestead’ X C. maxima ) A cross only 94 years old. Bet you have never seen one in bloom!

    1231 C. warscewiczii alba var ‘N.H.’ X Bc Daffodil ‘Equilab’ Expect peachy shades, maybe some albas, with the sweetest lemony scent in early Summer.

    1235 Lc Miva Royal Chocolate ‘Delice’ X Bc Maikai ‘Lea’ 4n Should be quite colorful in mid-Summer and some again in late Winter maybe. Compact.

    1237 C. Penny Kuroda ‘Spots’ X L. purpurata (sanguinea X alba) Vigorous Summer clusters with the odd alba just to spice things up.

    1250 Oryzalin L. Pacavia '381' X C. dowiana aurea 'Carlos Arango' Expect improved Lc Luminosa types with the 4n's being particularly strong flowers with a fair bit of size.

    1259 Rlc. Sweet Cherry (Slc Precious Stones X Pot. Sally Taylor) ‘Pure Eyes’ X Bc Maikai ‘Lea’4n Shapely minis in heads, at least twice a year blooming.

    1265 Lc Callistoglossa ‘N.H.’ X C. Triumph ‘New Horizon’ Very bold large purples in the dog days of August, should be special.

    1266 Oryzalin C. NED NASH (C. jenmanii #1 X C. dowiana aurea ‘New Horizon’) The newest of the new, just registered. Expect basically rosier C. Fabia-type blooms with the tetraploids being truly stunning.

    1268 Lc Mini Purple ‘Princess Road’ X L. Pacavia #381 Intensely colored dark lavenders with vigor, yet compact habit. This is the best Pacavia I have seen.

    1280 Slc Circle Of Life ‘Red Alert’ X L. Pacavia #381 These will be stunning orange-reds with the ability to maintain intensity of coloring even in warmer months due to the Laelia influence.

    1300 Bl Morning Glory ‘H&R’ X Bc Mount Hood ‘Mary’ These will be huge and eye-catching with unusually patterned lips. Spring bloomers.

    2354 Colchicine L. Pulcherrima alba var Geyserland X L. perrini ‘New Horizon’ Well we have had to wait 113 years for an improvement on L. Lucy Ingram and here it is! These are special and also will carry alba genes for all sorts of exciting breeding.

    2419 Colchicine (Lc Amber Glow X B. nodosa) X C. dowiana aurea ‘New Horizon’ Wow! These will be butter yellows blooming twice a year with the higher ploidy seedlings well up to award standard.
  2. Ramon Luis Reyes

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    Bayamon, Puerto Rico
    I'm interested in some of them. you send by mail to Puerto Rico.
    Please let's me know.
    Ramon Luis Reyes
    ([email protected])