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Clerks needed for AOS show in Cleveland

Discussion in 'Orchid Shows & Events' started by annabanana1987, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. annabanana1987

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    Cleveland, Ohio
    Hello everyone ♡
    I have been so busy with life and i have been meaning to request my ohio natives to help clerk at our 2016 February show at the Cleveland Botanical gardens its for valentine's day weekend Saturday the 13th .
    If you are able to help that day you get free admission to the show , and first pick at the vendors table . Unfortunately it would mean you have to be there at 730am that Saturday morning ;)
    Anyone can help clerk is a valuable learning experience. And the society has chosen me as the head clerk ♡yippy!
    If you do clerk there is a breakfast provided and you will be in one of there groups. Last year was my first time clerking and it was fast and furious fun.
    You can private message me or email me .
    [email protected]
    Hope everyone has a wonderful week and holiday season ahead ♡
    Love you all,
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