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Could this be saved?

Discussion in 'Issues, Disease and Pests' started by sachmoGT1, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. sachmoGT1

    sachmoGT1 New Member

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    I was wondering if this guy can be saved? The roots don't seem brittle.
  2. Ricardo

    Ricardo Slave of demanding bird

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    Puerto Rico
    The roots appear to be alive, but the absolute lack of visible green tissue is too stark to be ignored. I have no clue of what kind of orchid that is, but the prognosis is dire indeed. Usually the lack of photosynthetic tissue, that is, the green parts, is a death sentence for most plants that don't grow from a tuber or some other kind of storage organ.
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  3. mrhappyrotter

    mrhappyrotter Member

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    What kind of orchid is it? Are we looking at a Phalaenopsis with all the velamin stripped off the roots or are we looking at one of the terrestrial genera that don't have velamin and which might currently be in dormancy?

    My general go to answer for "Can it be saved?" is that there's always a chance with just the right care and a lot of luck. But any little road bump or a moment of conditions that are less than ideal will lead to its demise. And even if you do manage to save it, expect the plant to need years upon years for a full recovery.