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Dendrobium rupestre

Discussion in 'Orchid Culture' started by Gabriel Urbina, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. Gabriel Urbina

    Gabriel Urbina Active Member

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    Chicago , IL
    Has anyone had any luck flowering this one? I've had it for around 3 years, received as a tiny division; it's grown plenty of psuedobulbs, stays alive and seems happy, but never flowers. Currently daytime temps between 65-70 F, night time between 52-58 F, water at night when the moss is reaching dryness. Growing in a small 2 inch terracotta pot in a mix or 50% sphagnum moss 25% perlite, 25% extra small orchiata. Fertilize with 1/4 strength once a week. In bright light.
    Any advice?
  2. Itzi

    Itzi New Member

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    Hi Gabriel, did you ever see success flowering this species? I'm looking for anyone in the US who may have divisions available