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Encyclia mariae & other rarities

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by JPM, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. JPM

    JPM New Member

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    Hi all! Well, I have googled and searched till my brain is reeling, but I cannot find any commercial orchid sellers who have Encyclia mariae. Does any have a plant they'd sell? I also am I very interested in Encyclia gallopavina and Encyclia chapadensis, both from Brazil, as well as Epidendrum mirabile (for which I have been searching since first reading Rebecca Northen's Home Orchid Growing in the mid-70s). (I just got a plant of Palumbina candida from Andy's Orchids -- another species for which I had long been looking. Get them before they sell out, folks!) I am also interested in the following

    ANACHEILIUM (Prosthechea, Encyclia): faresiana/-um, papilio, allemannii
    ENCYCLIA: suaveolens, parkeri, elegantula, spiritusanctensis
    POLLARDIA (Prosthechea, Encyclia): ghiesbreghtiana, tripunctata
    PSYCHILIS: atropurpurea, bifida
    PROSTHECHEA: vitellina var majus
    RESTREPIA: sanguinea, purpurea
    DOMINGOA: nodosa

    Anyone who could point me in the direction of a source for any of these would be appreciated! Thanks to all!
  2. DarleneJay

    DarleneJay Well-Known Member

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    Cleveland, OH
    Have you emailed Andy about your list? They may have some things not listed.
  3. ezluckyfreee

    ezluckyfreee Member

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    Kitchener, Canada
    Ecuagenera has your restrepias
  4. Ted Baenziger

    Ted Baenziger Member

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    Houston, Texas
    I have gotten Restrepia species from Andy's Orchids, Ecuagenera and Orchideas del Valle, in Colombia (Andreas brings them to the states when she comes and ships them then) and Mundiflora. The latter two are cheaper and, I feel, better plants, but the labeling on all of these is not reliable. There are other places for species, but most of them are in Latin America and do not ship directly to the US, except the ones I mentioned.