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[EUROPE] Trade / Giveaway

Discussion in 'For Trade/Sale' started by Jeff9, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Jeff9

    Jeff9 Member

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    Hello all,

    I am making space for new plants by selling some of the larger ones and alot of backbulbs and divisions of my motherplants that i have.

    I would prefer to trade them for other plants i will list below, but you can also have them for free, but you will have to pay the postage/shipping cost.

    Rhyncholaelia Digbyana
    - mother plant 4~bulbs and new lead.
    - 2 bulb backbulb division

    Mediocalcar Decoratum cuttings of 5-6 bulbs, these have flowered.

    Dinema Polybulbon cuttings, 5-6 bulbs also.

    Dendrochilum cobbianum 5 bulbs established with healthy roots in SEMI HYDROPONICS
    Dendrochilum filiforme established with healthy roots in SEMI HYDROPONICS

    Dendrochilum wenzelii [trade only]
    Dendrochilum javieri [trade only]

    Barbosella australis, 2x established plants on epiweb

    Misc. Barbosella species cuttings that i have spare from mother plants

    I am looking for:
    Oxyglossum dendrobiums
    Maxillaria species, miniatures
    Sophronitis species
    Constantia species
    Leptotes species

    Send me a pm or post here if you need more information
  2. Jon

    Jon Mmmm... bulbophyllum...

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    Denver CO, USA
    Hi Jeff. Welcome to OI! Thanks for joining.

    If you end up selling any plants, please contribute to the general fund using the Paypal link at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, happy trading!
  3. Forrest

    Forrest Really Neat

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    Northern California
    Of course everyone should exercise caution when doing trades. OI is not responsible for the outcomes, nor will be get in the middle.
  4. Jeff9

    Jeff9 Member

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    Hi Jon, Forrest

    Thanks for the concern but i am more intrested to give them away or trade them for other divisions.

    I am creating space for some new plants, all the plants im offering are in very good condition and blooming size.
  5. jai

    jai Orchid addict

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    youngstown ohio
    Do you still have this if so I'm intrested
  6. Marni

    Marni Well-Known Member Staff Member Supporting Member

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    Santa Rosa, CA
    Jai, welcome to the forum. We are always glad to have young growers here. On posts where there is an offer, it is a good idea to check the dates when they were posted. The post date is shown in the very upper left of the post. This one is from several years ago.