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Flickr and Photobucket photos are back

Discussion in 'Website Support & Feedback' started by naoki, May 30, 2018.

  1. naoki

    naoki Well-Known Member

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    Fairbanks, Alaska
    Mikhail and I had problems with Flickr images not showing on this forum. But it seems to be fixed now, and all of the photos are back. I don't know if it was flickr-end or this forum software, but it is a good news.

    Additionally, I learned that Photobucket reversed their dreaded decision of no external linking on May 17, 2018. link So we can see the photos again in the old posts! Good news.
  2. KellyW

    KellyW Orchid wonk Staff Member Supporting Member

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    Redding, California, USA
    Thanks for the info, Naoki.

    Brent had been working on the problem, so, thank you, Brent.