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For Sale: Orchid Species

Discussion in 'For Trade/Sale' started by Chris.c147, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. Chris.c147

    Chris.c147 Well-Known Member

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    I have a few plants currently for sale that I would like to get into new homes to make way for new additions. They include:

    Arpophyllum alpinum (pink)
    Bulbophyllum reticulatum
    Bulbophyllum coniferum
    Bulbophyllum polliculosum
    Cuitlauzina pendula
    Masdevallia lappifera
    Masdevallia atahualpa
    Masdevallia colossus
    Masdevallia (Phloeophila) pelecaniceps
    Polystachya piersii
    Polystachya rhodocheila

    USPS Priority mail (2-3 days) shipping is an additional $8-$12 depending on the size of the plant and weight. USA sales only, excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

    Preferred payment method is PayPal.

    PM me with any questions/interest in any of the plants. I am more than happy to send photos.

    Photos below are of the Bulbophyllum polliculosum (7 new growths) and one of the three Bulbophyllum reticulatum.

    s-l1600-1.jpg s-l1600.jpg
  2. The Orchidomaniac

    The Orchidomaniac Active Member

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    How much do you want for the Cuitlauzina?