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Fragrant Sarcochilus species and crosses non existant so trying to locate plants

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Naila in Ohio, Apr 15, 2022.

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    I was looking for small able to take it fragrant plants for Madam Black Thumb of Pontiac and was trying to find some of this genus that Jay listed as Fragrant! NO luck. I just beefed at Fred Clark re his hybrids, noticed that Meyers hasn't tried to set any flasks for YEARS and sent a note off to some Aussies to request they try something new in their hybrids.

    WHO if ANY have these pups?

    Search for falcatus crosses RHS
    Wongie (falcatus x australis)
    Verolica (falcatus x fitzgeraldii)
    Cyclone (falcatus x olivaceus
    Cascade (falcatus x spathulatus
    These were the most promising pups for intense fragrance I could locate., from what Jay listed as fragrant(?)
    Sarcochilus falcatus R Brown 1810 mostly white with yellow red stripe lip A miniature sized, vandanaceous, cool to hot growing species long, racemose, several flowered inflorescence with successive opening, very fragrant [orange blossoms] flowers occuring in winter and spring and should be kept moist year round.

    Sarcochilus hillii F. Muell. 1861 WONDERFUL crystalline white bearded lip with fringe on Jays site - noted a 2 year old thread-HEY DO A CROSS AND MAKE SOME PODS WON"T YOU!!
    Sarcochilus odoratus blooms in the winter on a very short, few bracted, single flowered inflorescence carrying a very fragrant flower. with a few [2 to 10], very fragrant flowers, and is found in Australia and New Caledonia in gullies on small trees and often on fine twigs, rarely on branches and trunks in rain forest areas at elevations up to 800 meters. They appreciate an even, fertilizing and watering schedule as flowering and growth continue year round with cold to warm temperatures and moderate light and mounting to a small twig seems to work best..

    What Jay listed as other having at least some scent
    Sarcochilus australis (Lindl.) Rchb.f. 1863 green white red stripe 2 to 15, fragrant flowers
    Sarcochilus ceciliae F. Muell. 1865 reddish to pink [3 to 15] fragrant flowers opening in succession
    Sarcochilus olivaceus Lindl. 1839 light lime color
    Sarcochilus serrulatus D.L.Jones 1972 brown and white lip 2 to 10 flowered inflorescenceSarcochilus spathulatus R.S. Rogers 1927greeny with white lip sploch pink pendant

    I saw one 2 year old thread-HEY if ANYONE HAS THESE make some selfie pods please!!