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From Florida, nice to meet everyone!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by likescarlet, Jun 12, 2023.

  1. likescarlet

    likescarlet New Member

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    United States
    I'm likescarlet. My pastime is growing orchids. I have to keep my orchids in the house because of the climate here. However, when summer arrives, I take some of my plants outdoors. Not having any particularly unique plants, I place the most significance on the ones that have survived here for the last 12 years. Please help me figure out how to repot a large phalenopsis orchid.
  2. ryan248

    ryan248 Active Member

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    Davis, CA
    Do you happen to have a picture or two of the Phal that you want to repot that you can post on here? It'll give us an idea what to suggest.
  3. highup7

    highup7 New Member

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    Nice to meet you. I once lived in Tampa for eight years and now I live in Louisiana between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Let me tell you that you don't know what heat actually is until you live here. 95 degrees with humidity at 89% is miserable. I grow some plants outside during the summer. Mine never get direct sun but I find that the ones that are outside grow like weeds. I grow mounted tolumnias outside but my main passion is miltoniopsis. I have about 40 plants and they never see the outside of my house. They grow inside in a spare room. They recently stopped blooming but they put on one heck of a show.