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Discussion in 'Growing Areas' started by Mat Brutger, Feb 1, 2023.

  1. Mat Brutger

    Mat Brutger Active Member

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    I live in an old house in Minnesota and my basement where I grow most of my plants is cold. This week with it being sub zero temps here it’s barely cracking 60 degrees down there. I have a space heater running next to my big orchid case, but I’m wondering if anyone has another method of heating they would recommend? Something that could go inside the growing area (waterproof) or something that I could pump warm air into the case with during the day? Any recommendations? Also I’m using LED lights so they don’t provide much heat.

  2. ryan248

    ryan248 Active Member

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    Davis, CA
    Portable heater route?

    InkBird is great and I use several of their products.
    The wifi model is best since it can connect to an app on your phone and always see and adjust settings.

    Portable heater
    It has a function where you can drop it to like 70F (if you desire that temp), and it will keep it on that with a built in sensor. It turns off and on, trying to keep it at the temp.

    You do run a rusk of a fire hazard or other possibilities.
    How big is your growing area? If it's huge, you would need to put the heater on one side of the room and put the InkBird sensor on the other end.
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  3. Ray

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    Oak Island NC
    If you can temporarily insulate the growing chambers, that’s probably the safest and cheapest way to go. As an experiment, why not use painters tape to secure some bubble wrap to the sides and top not near lighting?

    Some active things I have done or have heard of:

    Reptile tank heater - self-adhesive sticks to the outside bottom of the tank.

    Seedling heat mat - some are small and waterproof. The ones I had were, but weren’t supposed to be, but did fine submerged.

    If you have a level-controlled water feature or can rig one up, put an aquarium heater in it.

    I had a rack full of flasks once and the basement temp dropped, so I wrapped the thing with bubble wrap and simply put a 150 watt incandescent light bulb below the bottom shelf, connected to a remote thermostat that was suspended below the top shelf.
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