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Hello all you Orchid nuts

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Orchidbyte, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Orchidbyte

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    north of Los Angeles. Ca,
    We are Gary and Donna,

    I have been growing plants since I was 9 and now I am 49, Donna has been growing plants for almost as long(See how I did that, now she will be happy that I did not give away her Age).

    I got into orchids when I was 20, when a new 4" BLC. Ports or paradise from Stewarts orchids cost 300.00, now you can get it on Ebay for 19.99. So I started collecting species and Cyms., I met a guy who went done to Mexico and collected plants and orchids, all legal, so I took a month and 1 week off from collage and went on and expidition to collect orchids, and we did.
    That was great to see how and where they grew, we only collected on downed trees that were being cut to open grazing lands, What a shame:(

    Got a very nice collection of all sorts of things, but I was not wise in the ways of orchids and sad to say many did not survive:confused:. Many did survive and they grew and taught me how different orchids are. Much more different then your normal fern or cactus or other tropicals, as far as needs go.

    At this point most of those orchids are gone, they grew great for years but one day life took a turn and I had to sell my collection. I gave many to other collectors and nurserys.

    Have been growing orchids again for the last 10 years, mostly types that I know will do well outdoors in North Los Angeles area. We also have places indoors were we keep some of the collection as well as other plants types.
    We grow every kinda plant you can think of, we have some very rare types.

    Back in Apr. 08 we built a greenhouse, a small 8' * 6' which has allowed us to get the more temprature sensitive ones, and the ones we have always loved.

    Armed with all that I have learned over the years and our passion for plants, they are all doing well in our tropical paradise.

    If you would like to see pictures, please got to "Member list" area, search for orchidbyte, and look at my "Albums" there are several pictures of the greenhouse and some orchids.

    If you would like to see more of the other plants and yard we have, please let me know. I love to take pictures.

    You can also check out my website at orchidbyte.com
    Thanks for reading, Gary and Donna
  2. dounoharm

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    in a log cabin in the hills of caroline
    hi gary hi donna!! glad to see fellow enthusiasts come aboard! yes, i would like to see more of your other plants and anything you can snap! post pictures! i recently (last year) got my 30year wish of a greenhouse fulfilled too...and i am still toting around my first cattleya, bc praetii, 28 years old this year....join in and have fun!
  3. Tom_in_PA

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    Shillington, PA
    Welcome to OI Gary and Donna...join in on the conversations and walk away enlightened ;)