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How I grow my Paphs!

Discussion in 'Growing Areas' started by Busypotter, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Busypotter

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    This is how I grow my Paphs!
    The Growing Room, outside, under awning, shade (NE) Pots placed on tray filled with pebbles

    Up front seat if you are in bloom

    If you need lots of space

    If you are sick

    If its below 40 (inside under grow lights from Lowes)

    All Paphs are grown in Plastic pots with only small Lava rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fertilize weakly once every ten days alternating between peters, seaweed, super thrive, Bills Best and epson salts and lime..
    Repot every year, I try to check roots every six months, they love being repotted, a bit of spag mixed with rock will work also, just less water. I use the clear plastic pots so I can see what is going on with the roots too.
    If ill I place a small amount of spag wrapped around the roots before placing in lava then into Baggie
    If I seen an ant (my friends) it tells me I have a bug. I check that plant over and over until I find it. Usually its a mealie but others too. The Lava rock does not draw bugs. A good spraying with alcohol usually takes care of the culprit.
    Watering throughly before fertilizing. Watering in most cases is twice a week, but light misting four or five times a week during the warm months.
    Paphs. make great indoor pans for window sills in east or north windows. Treat like Afican Violets.
    Paphs love to hang place your plastic pot in a basket and hang it if you can. Fan on 24/7 even tho they are outside it keeps the air moving like it does on the mountain top that most of them come from.
    I first divided most of mine to one plant per pot but it took them a long time to grow a new fan which is where the next bloom is coming from. Now, when I divide I try to keep at least three fans together. A paph fan only blooms once and then works as a supply house for the new fan it will produce.
    How do you grow yours? Hope this helps someone!!
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  2. Markhamite

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    Very nice. They look so healthy! Thanks for sharing.