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Is my orchid OK?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by kelly b, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. kelly b

    kelly b New Member

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    When my children gave me this plant this past Mother's Day, it was in full bloom with five flowers. When the flowers fell off in July, I was advised to cut the spike back above the second bloom, which I did. The past few weeks the top of the spike has started to discolor and these new leaves are forming. I don't see anything like this online and want to be sure the plant is OK. This is my first orchid and want to be sure it stays healthy. Pics attached. Thank you all in advance!

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  2. Steve B

    Steve B Active Member Supporting Member

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    This orchid looks fine to me.The top most bud may be a flower spike and the central leaves are a new plant.Good luck with it.
  3. Mikhail kujawa

    Mikhail kujawa Well-Known Member

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    Golden, CO
    The leaves growing on the flower stem is called a keiki (meaning baby). Its very normal for phalaenopsis to do this. When it starts to produce roots just cut if off and place it in a pot, you will have a clone of the parent plant.
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