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Maxillaria augustae-victoriae

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by Cynefin, Aug 18, 2022.

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    The previous blooming had a much more typical display, with the flower much more nodding, and backwards. This is nice, though. Small flower for the species, only about 4,” highly fragrant. The species that jump started my love for this genus and it’s relatives. I’ve included a detail of the lip where the pseudopollen is visible, and a picture of my finger with the pseudopollen (and some house paint) on it. Fun adaptation! 8EBBAFCC-1EF1-4B8F-9207-BDBEC0FEF7CE.jpeg 5F0272D0-A96D-40D4-991D-EE778CAD087E.jpeg 2B1396A4-C7DC-41BB-A47F-25FD184A8A32.jpeg 41298D5E-2BB4-404D-AEBC-D5A8D2DCCEDD.jpeg FCA417B4-A35C-4B58-96E7-929D46367F9A.jpeg
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