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Maxillaria spilotantha? Or?

Discussion in 'Orchid Identification Section' started by Pitter, Jan 6, 2020.

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    Dapa, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia
    I have this orchid jotted down in my notes as Maxillaria spilotantha but I have doubts as to whether this is correct. For one thing I've seen it described as epiphytic while my plant is certainly terrestrial though I know many can be both. And my plant is huge. The area it occupies (with other plants interspersed) is roughly 3m long by 2m wide. There is sidewalk on two sides and it would probably expand even further with out that limitation. The flower size when fully open is 2.5cm wide. Also the images I find of it don't really seem to match. 2100m elevation. Can anyone confirm or correct the identification please? Thank you.

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