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Mouldy soil in my new mini orchid?

Discussion in 'Issues, Disease and Pests' started by LanaDavidson, Jul 28, 2023.

  1. LanaDavidson

    LanaDavidson New Member

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    Hi all, this is my very first orchid and I’m a total novice so I apologise if this is completely normal and nothing to worry about but I have no idea! I got this mini orchid last week and I still haven’t watered it yet as it seemed ok and roots certainly healthy (see pictures) but the top of the soil seems to have gone mouldy already. Not sure wether to still water it or do I just need to re pot it, and if I do what type of pot of soil should I use? Any advice welcome! Thanks in advance, Lana

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  2. ryan248

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    Davis, CA
    Roots look great. Water again once they start looking more of a silver color (no more green will show).

    For the fungus, it's growing because there is decaying organic matter and the spores around it, in the air, likes the moisture. Low light can give way to it, too. Great air flow makes this problem go away, but you just need to remember spores are always around us unless it's a sterile room such as a lab.

    Just avoid using hydrogen peroxide since it harms the roots and is a short-term fix for the fungus.
    You can go a little bit in size up for a pot. Maybe a mix of chunky perlite with sphagnum moss. When you do a repot, I would not disturb the roots at all and just leave the old media alone since the roots seem to like it.
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