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Moving orchids outside?

Discussion in 'Orchid Culture' started by LesChatsJardin, Jul 8, 2022.

  1. LesChatsJardin

    LesChatsJardin New Member

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    Massachusetts USA
    I live in Massachusetts and I’m thinking about moving some orchids outside for the summer. Do others do this? Do the plants benefit from the (probably better) air flow and light? I grow everything in the house with several different exposures. I’m mostly thinking about my dendrobiums, cattleya, my one catasetum, probably the phals- not too sure about the slippers. Would the slippers, in particular, do well outside? How about the phals? I am pretty okay with moving the dens and catts out. Anything I need to watch for when they are out? They will be on a table, not the ground. Any tips will be appreciated.
  2. Roberta

    Roberta Active Member

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    Coastal southern California
    What are your night temperatures? Those would be the limiting factor for the Phals. I use 55 deg F (13 deg C) as the benchmark... except for the warmest-growing Phals (like violacea, bellina) pretty much everything is fine with that night temp, especially if the days are warmer. The Paphs should be fine. My Catasetinae grow really well once they are put outside, when they are at the growing stage - they love the light and the moving air. Do be careful of light - it's a lot brighter outside, so start in shade and move the ones that want more light gradually, over a couple of weeks.
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  3. Arne

    Arne Active Member

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    Baltimore, Maryland
    Your orchids will really benefit from being outside. I live in Maryland and I have most of my orchids outside from mid May till October. Maybe I move in my Vandas a bit earlier and the Dendrobiums a bit later. Are the orchids under some kind of cover? Water should not accumulate in the center of e.g. Phalaenopsis. That can lead to rot.
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