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new to the forum trying my luck w ghost orchids

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by hatchrite, Aug 17, 2020.

  1. hatchrite

    hatchrite New Member

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    so i live in swfl on barrier island..couple blocks off bch but i just installed suntex 90 for my screened in deck and its sooo humid. my hoyas and aroids growing fast now..everything gets rainwater misted daily. my biggest question is has anyone had experience w salty conditions and orchids...any rare species that thrive high humidity near many oaks but doesnt mind little salt in winter drier conditions here zone 10a? ihave many species but my ebay ghost orchid may do well with all the lichens and moss growing here...has anyone used lichens from trees to co habitate w lindeniis? my frangis are covered in lichens thick and grow just outside my deck on s side of property so i figure close proximity on deck to heavy lichen growth may be a special grow spot...considering mounting some lichens on the cypress mount its on vs spanish moss as spanish moss is finicky w salt but does well in my greenhouse deck...anyway other successfull orchid species to grow that are rare collectors are of great interest to me..i am willing to trade species as well however hoyas and staghorns are the bulk of my collection..vandas and dendros i collect also...cheers and happy to join the group!
  2. DarleneJay

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    Cleveland, OH
    Welcome to the forum! I can not help on growing orchids in your conditions. There is no salt water to be found in north eastern Ohio unless you make it yourself ;)

    Others will be able to make suggestions. Otherwise you can research orchids that grow near sand dunes or beachs. I am fairly certain I have read that Cattleya intermedia has been found growing in similar conditions.