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Oncidium Ornithorhychum spiking but (vertical)pleated leaves

Discussion in 'Issues, Disease and Pests' started by stefpix, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. stefpix

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    Last year I got a small Oncidium ornithorhychum from Oak Hill. It is now spiking! I think the first time it blooms. But many leaves have vertical pleats. I keep it quite moist in net pot inserted in a snug clay pot. Medium is coco chips with some clay pellets, bark pieces and little sphagnum here and there.

    My Onc Twinkle, Onc. Rosy Sunset and Onc sphacelathum have no pleated leaves (except the occasional one). Does the Oncidium ornithorhychum need to be kept more moist? I am afraid to kill the roots if I water it more. It is pretty humid here in the summer and now (56% RH). Wonder if some hot days may cause this. It came with a pleated leaf though, so I am also wondering if it may just be genetic.

    I attached 3 photos + 1 of the Onc. Twinkle for reference.
    _DSC8490.jpg _DSC8492.jpg _DSC8493.jpg _DSC8494.jpg
  2. Alexey

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    Vancouver Island, BC
    Usually accordion (horizontal) pleated leaves are considered as a sign of underwatering or root rot and desiccation. CHC with clay pellets sounds like too much open media for the fine rooted Onc ornithorhynchum however, it can work well depending on growing area conditions and watering habit.