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Orchid garden near the window

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by michaelflynn, Aug 30, 2016.

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    This is a post to all the orchid lovers right here.

    I couldn’t find a better place for shooting this question. My neighbour had shifted last week and she gave me some orchid plants which is in the flowering stage and I’ve made a small garden with them. There are lot of birds and butterflies in the garden. It’s such a beautiful sight to watch in the morning. I’m planning to shoot this from inside my bedroom without disturbing them.The garden is next to the window of my bedroom and I can see the flowers blooming but there is a small obstruction caused by the window so I wish to replace the window and fix one which gives me a clear vision of the garden outside. I need an advice regarding the selection of the window. I don’t need ventilation just need one which gives a clear outside vision and the view from outside should be blocked in order to maintain the privacy. I’ve seen this website(http://www.heritagehomedesign.ca) but have no idea about their service. Is there there anyone who have experience with them?All suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance