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"Orchidiculus" fruit shaped vivarium

Discussion in 'Growing Areas' started by BeastMaster, Feb 14, 2016.

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    During the holidays, found this apple/pumpkin shaped glass terrarium @ a local Safeway flower shop.

    Also during this time, rescaped one of my planted aquariums and had 2 extra driftwood pieces just looking for a new home.

    While turning my 1st vivarium into an orchidarium, ended up having a couple of extra orchid divisions that were not used. All this was combined to develop my 2nd vivarium. Because this terrarium has an access hole in the back, no critters will be included in this project.

    The Stelis argentata was placed in a plastic mesh pot that was covered by a layer of sphagnum moss. The Mediocalcar decoratum was placed on top of the moss layer. Lighting is provided by adjacent LED lit planted aquariums and the plants irrigated using a small baster every other day.
    This project appears to be my "leftovers" vivarium.
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