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Plant cabinet

Discussion in 'Growing Areas' started by BussardNR, May 24, 2010.

  1. BussardNR

    BussardNR New Member

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    Frederick, Maryland
    I will be moving in a few months and need to put something together for my plants. I was thinking something like 6ftx2ftx4ft (LxWxH).
    Im thinking about using epoxy coate plywoodd with glass set in the front and sides.
    Has anyone done this before, tips or tricks would be appreciated
  2. harrywitmore

    harrywitmore Member

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    Wingate, NC
    Nathan, if you use marine plywood I think you will be OK. I have not done it. But, the 125 I have has 1 side that is regular plywood and it is coated with silicon and I have not had any issues in more than a year with that part of it.