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Post titles, etc

Discussion in 'Website Support & Feedback' started by KellyW, Apr 9, 2016.

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    Information for new members and a reminder for those that have been around a while......

    If your post title includes a genus please spell it out fully. This way it can be found in a search. For example if I posted "Den. parishii" it would not be found if someone was searching for Dendrobium parishii. Abbreviations are certainly acceptable in the body of the post. For the same reason, proper spelling is appreciated.

    If you want to change something in your post (title or body) you have a 2 hour window in which you can make the change. After 2 hours you can contact me or other moderator/staff and we will happily make changes for you. The same is true for moving a post to the correct forum category (e.g. Orchid Hybrids vs. Orchid Species). Currently I am the only "moderator". Marni is a former moderator and still has edit authority. Brent W is the owner of Orchids Forum and is the only person that can fix software or system problems.

    Except for obvious genus/species spelling mistakes in post titles or moving posts to an appropriate forum category, I won't edit a post without the originator's request or approval.

    Thanks for your help...... Kelly
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