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Resources on laboratory-style propagation of micro-minis?

Discussion in 'Everything Else Orchid' started by Tired, Jan 23, 2022.

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    I'm trying to read about both flask sowing of seeds and tissue culture propagation of micro-mini orchids. I first read about tissue culturing in the context of carnivorous plants, where it's often used to produce exact clones of Venus Flytrap cultivars, as a flytrap can't be labeled with a cultivar unless it's a clone (cutting, division, or tissue culture propagation) of a plant of that cultivar. This ensures that there's no genetic drift, so that all flytraps of, say, the B-52 cultivar, will always be B-52 flytraps.

    I'm really interested to try tissue culture, but the only carnivorous plants I currently have are pygmy sundews and Nepenthes. Pygmy sundews reproduce incredibly easily from gemmae, so there's no point in tissue culturing them, and Nepenthes need a lot of space.

    Micro orchids, on the other hand, don't do either of those things. So I'd like to read up on how people multiply these little guys. I'm particularly interested in reading about seed-growing Lepanthes and the like. Is there a good book somewhere, or some articles I can read? I know this sort of thing is trickier outside a lab, but there are definitely hobbyists tissue culturing flytraps and Nepenthes in home environments, with a fairly good degree of success.
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