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Room Making Sell Off

Discussion in 'For Trade/Sale' started by Chris.c147, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Chris.c147

    Chris.c147 Well-Known Member

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    I have the following plants for sale at this time. I am trying to make room for some new plants coming soon.

    Dendrobium hellwigianum- Mounted on cork with moss. IN BLOOM $60

    Diplocaulobium regale- potted in a 2 inch pot in tree fern. Seedlings probably about 2 years from blooming. $45

    Masdevallia cerastes- Blooming size (very robust, 10+ growth) plant in a 4 inch pot potted in moss. $35

    Porroglossum condylosepalum- Blooming size plant mounted on a cedar shingle. $35

    Maxillaria rufescens- Blooming size division potted up in moss (would be shipped bareroot) $25

    Bulbophyllum polliculosum- Blooming size plant mounted on a piece of cork. 6 NEW GROWTHs $150

    Polystachya clareae- Blooming size plant in a 2.5 inch pot in bark. 3 new growths $30

    Polystachya piersii- Blooming size plant in a 4 inch pot $30

    Rhynchostylis gigantea "pink"- Blooming size plant in a 6 inch clay pot with bark $35

    Bulbophyllum unguiculatum- Blooming size division of my mother plant. Division would be taken at shipping time. 5-6 growths $30

    Epidendrum horichii- Massive plant in a 8 inch pot. Probably close to 40 growths. $60

    Dendrobium speciosum ssp curvicaule- Near blooming size plant, very nice plant, new growth maturing $45

    Cuitlauzina pendula- blooming size 3 growth plant, new growth $75

    Bulbophyllum comosum-Mounted on a piece of compressed cork with sphagnum moss around the roots to keep it moist. Three growths maturing. $50

    Polystachya rhodocheila- blooming size plant, new growth. IN BLOOM

    USA only, I am in VA so if you're close we could meet up. Shipping via USPS Priority mail (2-3 days). Shipping additional depending on plant size and weight.