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Scaphosepalum rapax

Discussion in 'Culture sheets' started by Pleurothallid Lover, Aug 28, 2011.

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    Scaphosepalum rapax
    Authored by: Pleurothallid Lover​

    Description: Found locally in the wet forests of the central Oriente of Ecuador at altitudes of 1,470 feet (450 m) to 1,970 feet (600 m).


    - Summer: 70-80°F (Rarely goes over 85°F)
    - Winter: 60-75°F

    Light: Low light

    Humidity: 60-80%

    Air circulation: Slight breeze

    Growing location: Terrarium

    Growing medium: Mount - Cork

    Growing medium notes: This plant seems to grow best on vertical mounts with some living moss.

    - Frequency: Every Day.
    - Fertilizer & frequency: No fertilizer is used.
    - Dry rest: No.

    Blooming season: No defined blooming season

    Flower size: 1cm

    Plant size: 1 inch

    Other firsthand observations: It benefits from mist produced by a ultrasonic mister. It received this mist for 5 minutes every 3 hours.

    Other plants growing well nearby:
    Mounted Kefersteinia species, Lepanthes species, Stelis argentata, Dracula lotax, Dracula cordobae, Pleurothallis ruscifolia, Dichaea hystricina and Masdevallia herradurae


    The information contained in this sheet is for personal use only. It is copyrighted by both the author and Orchids Interactive. It cannot be reproduced or distributed without the consent of both the author and Orchids Interactive.
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