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Search Problems

Discussion in 'Website Support & Feedback' started by Alex Shepack, Dec 3, 2022.

  1. Alex Shepack

    Alex Shepack Active Member

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    Has anyone else noticed that the search function seems to be broken / limited to only recent posts?
    If I try to search for older posts they don't come up. For example, if I search for posts by Chuck-NH I can only see a few recent ones. Even if I go to his profile, I can only see the ones from the past month or so.
  2. ash1de

    ash1de Well-Known Member

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    Central Michigan
    I am experiencing similar problems. If I search for posts by a particular member and do not specify a topic, I get 0 results. For example, I just searched for posts by Alex Shepack and received the following message:
    “Orchids Forum-Error
    Please specify a search query or the name of a member”