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shade cloth

Discussion in 'Growing Areas' started by Kitty, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Kitty

    Kitty AKA\Debby

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    Napa Calif.
    I'm wondering, who leaves shade cloth up all year and why? Who is able to put the cloth on the outside and raise it above the roof, and how? Does anyone open and close their cloth during the day? I used to start taking down my inside hung cloth late summer as my north west grnhs was very light challenged, and start to put it back up as needed in the spring. I'm thinking for my new grnhs with the cloth outside, that leaving it up all year may offer a little frost protection as well. Right now as a temporary bandage till the sun moves over head, and we see if the north roof needs shading, we put up a huge piece of black 60%, way to dark. Once we track the sun over the next 6 weeks, I'll order aluminet 40 or 50%.
  2. Reyna

    Reyna Orchid Obsessed Supporting Member

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    Arkansas, USA
    I don't know if this will help, as we probably have different set ups. My greenhouse is glass -- and the roof panels are actually coated during manufacturing, so I don't need shade cloth on the roof. On the "walls" -- the glass is more like a regular window. So I find I really only need shade cloth in the fall because the sun is so much lower in the sky and plants on the south and west side get too much. My shade cloth is set up like "curtains" -- sort of and can be opened and closed. But if the shade cloth is in place, I don't open and close it--unless it has been raining or something for a day or more and the plants need more light.

    Let us know what you do -- and photos might be hlepful for others answering. :)
  3. Orchidbyte

    Orchidbyte Active Member

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    north of Los Angeles. Ca,
    I use 50 percent green cloth, have on from Apr. To Oct. 1St, l have it setup do that I can raise and lower it as needed. On overcast days I pull it off, I live in Los Angeles area just to let you know of the type of heat and light we get.
  4. suss16

    suss16 New Member

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    Norfolk, VA
    I have a 12 x 16 lean to greenhouse attached to the house facing SE. I grow mainly Phals - I use 60% aluminet in the winter and 70% in the summer and have a large cedar shading the greenhouse 11 am to 2 pm. I still think I get too much light...
  5. T. migratoris

    T. migratoris Active Member

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    Mother Lode area, California
    My GH has only been in operation for just over a year so I'm still figuring the shade cloth thing out. I have learned though that even during the winter months I really need some protection - clear polycarbonate produces just too bright an environment for what I grow. However, I have 50% aluminet which is probably too much shade in the winter and may be too little in the summer. Others on this forum have suggested two thinner layers - one in the winter and two in the summer - which, in my case, would probably be the best bet.

    Before I built the Gh I never thought I'd have to worry about too much light. Go figure.
  6. AHAB

    AHAB New Member

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    Central Florida
    Why green?

    I use 50% aluminet outside on the roof and 50% red on the inside rafters.
    I have not taken either one of them off.
    Though a moving inside curtain would really rock!