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Sick orchid, please help!!!!

Discussion in 'Issues, Disease and Pests' started by KIBOLA, Mar 27, 2019.


    KIBOLA New Member

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    Can someone help me find out what's wrong with my orchid? It has a lot of flowers and buds so I thought it is Ok, but lately the leaves started to turn yellow, or show signs of dehydration... I tried to check the roots but I don't think they rot. 20190327_121405.jpg 20190327_121359.jpg 20190327_121347.jpg 20190327_121307.jpg
  2. Ray

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    Oak Island NC
    The loss of that small, bottom-most leaf appears to be perfectly normal. Its reserves are being resorbed by the plant and it will fall off. The damage to the end of the more mature leaf might be due to sunburn or some other mechanical damage that became infected, but the fact that the inner edge of that part is sort-of parchment-like suggests the event is over. If it does not progress, you have nothing to worry about.
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