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Sobralia sp. roots

Discussion in 'Orchid Culture' started by Ricardo, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. Ricardo

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    Puerto Rico
    I have this Sobralia on the terrace, and it has done very well with full morning sun, and dappled sunlight the rest of the day. It gets watered every three to four days if it doesn't rain. It gets fertilizer, 20 20 20 every two weeks and a top dressing of organic fertilizer every three months. It is on a eight inch pot. I noted the roots were coming out of the top of the pot so it is clear it is ready for repotting. What I had not realized was that the roots had ripped the pot apart. I found it remarkable that there is little remaining of the medium bark that filled the pot initially. The roots have completely filled the pot, even the bottom which has an inch thick layer of Styrofoam peanuts. The whole root mass will go into a ten inch pot and medium sized bark dried leaves will fill the space around the sobra.jpg bark
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