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Sobralia undatocarinata NOT!!

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by tenman, Aug 2, 2021.

  1. tenman

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    My second Sobralia to flower. I was so excited to see this bloom as I have babied it for some time and it, while very small for a sobralia at 24" high, still takes up a lot of room in a small greenhouse like mine - but I thought it would be worth it to see that wonderful undatocarinata flower! Clearly it's not that. ID, anyone? It's 24" tall, flower 4' ns, and was moved to cooler conditions a couple months ago, as I had read undatocarinata was something of a cooler grower. I absolutely LOVE this flower and am actually quite thrilled to have a large pink-flowered Sobralia that fits into my GH. And it looks like there are four more flowers coming in a week or two.
    But I _really_ wanted to see those undatocarinata blooms! All pics taken in natural daylight but different backgrounds and about 8 hours apart.



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