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Spiranthes Care

Discussion in 'Orchid Culture' started by AnonYMouse, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. AnonYMouse

    AnonYMouse aka Ree, the not-so-stealthy lurker

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    SF Bay Area
    I have both odorata and sinensis in the rosette stage. I got the sinensis a few weeks earlier than the odorata. The odorata bloomed but the sinensis hasn't; I believe the sinensis blooms earlier and I missed that window.

    Both are in a moist, gritty, pebbly, small wood chippy, peaty mix (a commercial "bonsai" mix that I added perlite to). Full afternoon exposure. Temps might have gotten down into the mid 30's °F overnight last week (lowest so far).

    There is an excellent article on sinensis at Botanyboy but haven't found an equally comprehensive write up on odorata.

    Can they be treated the same?

    I plan on feeding them low doses (25-50 ppm N/almost every watering) when I see the rosettes start to elongate.

    Does that sound right? Am I forgetting anything?
  2. naoki

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    Fairbanks, Alaska
    I'm interested in this group, but I don't have enough experience. Spiranthes spiralis seems to be relatively easy and flowered this year. I hope that yours will grow well, and please keep us updated.
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