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Spotty leaves on New Growths - is it virus?

Discussion in 'Issues, Disease and Pests' started by karlthefog, Jun 5, 2021.

  1. karlthefog

    karlthefog New Member

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    I got this fairly typical Oncidium from my local Trader Joes November 2020, and in the past six months its flower spikes have fallen and two new growths have sprouted. I was very proud of their development until I noticed light dots/spots on the leaves that have multiplied in number.

    I only really see them on the new leaves. For now, I've quarantined it away until I can get a better idea of what's going on. It used to share a shelf with several other Orchids, which thankfully have not yet displayed the same kind of dots (yet!).

    I don't think the dots look too different from images or descriptions of OFV, such as here, but it doesn't look as serious as any of these pictures, and I would be sad to throw away an otherwise fairly vigorous plant: Orchid Viruses — Cymbidium Orchid Society of Victoria

    Have any other growers seen leaf discoloration and pattern like this before?

    IMG_6591.jpg IMG_6592.jpg IMG_6593.jpg IMG_6595.jpg
  2. Ray

    Ray Orchid Iconoclast Supporting Member

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    Oak Island NC
    Spotting is fairly normal in some oncidiums, but based upon the otherwise pristine condition of the leaves (kudos for your culture!) and the appearance of those spots, I’d blame an insect.
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  3. Marni

    Marni Well-Known Member Staff Member Supporting Member

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    Santa Rosa, CA
    I would agree with Ray. It doesn't resemble symptoms that I associate with virus. Most virus symptoms show up on the older leaves and this seems to be on one that is emerging. Bean Yellow Mosaic shows up on new growths and it is not that.
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  4. J E

    J E Jaime Escobedo

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    Looks like snail damage

    Also is that a true Monstera?