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Telipogon cf ionopogon

Discussion in 'Orchid Species' started by EvanT, Nov 27, 2021.

  1. EvanT

    EvanT Member

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    Got this about 6 months ago labeled as Telipogon spec. Now that it has bloomed it looks the species that Peruflora was selling as Telipogon intis. However, it looks nothing like the type drawing of T. intis and shows some similarity with T. ionopogon. If anyone has any better ideas of what species this might be, I’d love to hear!

    Growing this in my wine cooler, temps this time of year are 16c days and 7c nights. High airflow and very high humidity.
    FC5B85EF-797A-411C-81C1-DA0A2D0F0A0D.jpeg 6AD17022-BD89-439E-9CF2-92DDBE4B921D.jpeg

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  2. Arne

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    Baltimore, Maryland
    I cannot help you with the name but everything you are showing looks good!