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Tropical Plant Products / Tree Fern

Discussion in 'Orchid Vendor FYI' started by Alexis, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Alexis

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    Redland, Miami FL, USA, Earth
    This is my second order from Tropical Plant Products, and I must give them an enthusiastic 2 thumbs up. While some may consider it an inconvenience that they don't accept credit cards and don't have an online store, the ease of placing an order with them balances that, IMO. I called yesterday to get a large box of treefern fiber and a bundle of 25 treefern totems. The supplies arrived at my doorstep today! Everything is high quality, and very fairly priced. The treefern is grown and harvested by Guatamalan Indians, as a sustainable crop.

    They carry many other orchid supplies besides treefern, but that's all I've ordered from them. Next time you're in the market, I highly recommend you check them out! http://www.tropicalplantproducts.com/
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  2. Marie

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    Thanks for the info..