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Vanda (Neofinetia) falacata Daiseikai 大聖海

Discussion in 'Orchid Hybrids' started by MattWoelfsen, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Fort Wayne, Indiana
    This is a new acquisition. Pictures of the plant, which I am displaying gives good representation to the plant. But in person it is a very dramatic plant! Why I find this plant desirable? It is a slightly larger plant than "normal" sized Neofinetia. The leaves have a very pleasing curvature. The plant has plenty of growths, or fans. If given plenty of bright indirect light, the leaves will attain a brighter yellow diffused variegation called "tiger stripe" this can be seen on the second picture with the top new leaf. The plant will develop a navy line along the leaf axis as the leaf ages. The base of the plant is green, roots have green tips. Flowers are the normal fragrant white.

    Daiseikai 大聖海 by MattWoelfsen, on Flickr

    Daiseikai 大聖海 by MattWoelfsen, on Flickr