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Vanda Ruby Velvet

Discussion in 'Orchid Hybrids' started by gjanick, Apr 15, 2023.

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    This is one of my 12 new orchid plants. It is an unregistered vanda hybrid, but a beautiful large healthy vanda. It is not in spike or bloom yet.

    I have attached two pictures of the actual plant, and one picture from the seller what the blooms will look like. The seller is a very large international seller (Kanjana Orchids) located in the Bangkok area. However, they have one online retail outlet on Shopee.com for us 'small guys' to purchase from.

    Every orchid plant that I own I have made a Word and PDF 'individual file' that shows pictures of the specific plant that I have, info about the seller (including the online link), and sometimes other pertinent information. The pictures are dated so that I can keep records of the plant's history and growth, how long the blooms last, etc. It takes a lot of time doing these 'worksheet files'. I also store each individual picture in folders.

    These files are mainly for my own use, but I thought you also may like to see.

    Many people probably will think that this 'is going too far' or 'going way overboard' or being eccentric. Maybe so.

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