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Wall building

Discussion in 'Growing Areas' started by InkMinx, May 19, 2017.

  1. InkMinx

    InkMinx New Member

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    About to start work on making the backdrop for my cabinet. Im using spray foam then coating it with silicone and I was planning to use peat on it. However it seams peat isn't to easy to come by as its not very eco friendly. I have seen some set ups done using reptile bedding thats made from coconut fibre. Is this ok to use? I thought I read somewhere about how it can break down or go mouldy or something?
  2. Marni

    Marni Well-Known Member Staff Member Supporting Member

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    Santa Rosa, CA
    The cocofiber is quite resistant to mold and algae. Though over time it will degrade. You might check in the archives for what others have done. There are a lot of posts on terraria and other growing cases.