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Water quality and orchid roots

Discussion in 'Orchid Culture' started by Orchidbyte, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. Orchidbyte

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    north of Los Angeles. Ca,
    Hello all,

    I live in So. Cal. Los Angeles, and the water here in the summer smells of bleach, and I know that is not good for orchids nor is any type of salts that may be in tap water.

    So after several years and the roots on my plants not doing so great and also the white calcium on the side of the pots, I started looking for an easy affordable solution and I found it.

    I found a web site that sells an easy to attach filter that takes out clorines and other nastys and after 8 months of use, I have to say that all my plants seem to be responding very well to the new water and the orchids have the best roots that I have ever seen in all my years growing.

    The site is filterwater.com
    The filter is the Gar'n grow

    Look it up, Gary
  2. Karen

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    Southern California
    Gary, your water service provider sends out an annual "quality report" mandated by Federal Law. It lists the components of your water. If you get Colorado River Water Supply in the Summer, it contains many dissolved solids, that are not good for your plants. You can request a water quality report from your water supplier any time. You should ask for one.